Postcards #33 from the train

It takes almost 6 hours for the AVE – the super rapid Spanish train – to run the distance between Malaga and Barcelona.

We chose to do it this time by train because when we arranged the travel, we didn’t know if I’d be able to fly by this time. Life changed in several ways since then, and slow traveling is always a luxury.

The return trip today offered the opportunity to finally finish a long due article (on Viktor Frankl), and also to take account of long due habits that are not so welcomed anymore. The autumn brings new directions and new ways to clean out the weeds from my little garden. Decision made, actions to come to meet the goals. Some may hurt. It doesn’t really matter.


One-third part of our Catalan challenge got accomplished today, and we’re ready to face what is to come.

Onward, with love,


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Anna Sólyom

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