Postcards #38 from a teen

Today was about adolescence. Teens.

In the past decades, but especially in the past year, it took me a LOT to reconcile with my adolescence and myself in it. I did happen eventually to a certain degree.

I wholeheartedly hated it. There was nothing I could have done about it, so I lived through it. I went wild. And destructive. Very wild. And very autodestructive too.

Still, here I am, I survived, and I made it through destruction, autodestruction, and kept the wildness that I need. And I could look back and feel back today. It’s grace. An even deeper reconciliation. And it is a blessing from the Universe, God, the sky, to have survived it without any major damage.

Courage. Creativity. Sadness. Anger. Love. Wild love. Authenticity. Rawness. Rage. More creativity. Books. Lots of books, and rock & roll. And dance. Dancing has always been there.

I am grateful for the rock and for the Reiki on the first place (I started when I was 16!) and yoga and meditation and walking on fire and Holotropic breathing and ecstatic dance all other things I started on the summer when I was 18. And the books I read. They literally saved my life.

The body felt incredibly heavy when we finished today. Tired as hell. Possibly a flash-back of all what it got during those years… It’s all gone now. Peace is. Thank you to make it through.


And the 38th class is about to happen. Let’s cross our fingers that it will really do.


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