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Postcards #39 from the Sacred Marriage

In alchemy, the Sacred Marriage means the unity of two (or more) very different elements. In a way that both (all) keep their essence in joining the other.

Healing the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, and allow its equilibrated unity to become the spring of our life is Sacred Marriage.

That’s what we’ve been up to today on Cycles with Tammy. As the foundation of Maturity. Healing roots to grow new and healthy branches, leaves and fruits. Lyrical. Effortless creation. Effortless letting go.

Profound healing. So deep that only silence and body forms, postures (in movement) can incorporate it. We’ve come from these cells, literally, of our feminine and masculine lineage, cells that carry histories of lives. It’s an honor to be able to heal some parts of it.

Unity. Masculine and feminine in balance. Healed. And to heal the masculine we first need to heal the feminine. As we all come from a mother. The father comes next.

The postcard of today is of this healing and new equanimity of the two.


39 days of Catalan, and 39 postcards. 61 to go.



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