Postcards 40# from Spirit

Death isn’t something that we can accept/take in/live with easily. Though it’s a profound initiation, especially when we are blessed with being able to accompany a loved one body to body, side by side.

In 2009 I lost both of my grandmothers, 5 months apart, and I witnessed in both their des-bodying how they sparked again with full energy 3 days before they were gone forever. I was blessed to be present at the passing of my mother’s mother, who died at home. And I wasn’t able to be there when my father’s mom passed the threshold.

Whether our grandparents lived to meet us and accompany us through our lives, or not, whether we had other elders who backed up us up with their experience, wisdom and years – just as the baby us, and the little child, and the teen keeps living in our bones and heartbeats and breaths, we have our inner elder stretching out her or his hands in our skin toward the inevitable end of our physical life.

Today was letting go, surrender to life with all its beauty and also to those not so joyful things, a tearing apart, a liberation, a rebirth. Dancing with the elders in me, and dancing with my grannies, dancing with Death.

May the joy of living accompany all of us in every moment, regardless of what are our circumstances and what we are experiencing, and may the elders hold our hands as we walk toward Spirit and embody Silence on our path.

Thank you for this Cycles, all the healing and all the letting go, all the water, fire, earth, wind and love I received and was able to offer.


We’ll have our 40th Catalan class today and then will go to celebrate that it’s been three years that we’ve met for good (after having met two months earlier for the first time) with my love. What a celebration to arrive into this anniversary right from Cycles! <3

Happy anniversary, love!



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