Postcards #41 from the setting sun

After very powerful retreats – urban or residential, it doesn’t matter – it takes time to the whole body-spirit-soul system to arrive back to the ground. As profound transformations occur, our usual and constant adjustment to our everyday life, for a short time, might become troubled, and we too vulnerable to shifting forms as needed.
Our actions still come from a distant, “illuminated”, cleared and grounded place, from where we can see more clearly and feel a lot more aligned with whoever we truly are, and whatever truth we have discovered.

The everyday conscious state has a lot less broad view, even if we’re practicing many delightful things that keep our spirit and mind clean and conscious. It’s also because of the group energy which offers multiplied options for transformation and isn’t really available in our home (usually).

I remember my old master saying after meditation retreats, that we should avoid making any radical change in our lives for at least a week. (Radical changes like leaving our partner/job/country, marrying someone and so on). A very wise advice.

It’s been about 5 years that after a very powerful 4 days dancing in Zagreb (Medicine Dance with Jonathan Horan), I went back to my usual business without any pause.
3 days after I ended up in a hospital with a badly sprained ankle, as this was the second time for the same in 2 months. This was such a long-lasting and painful lesson that it thought me o the basic necessity of landing days. I tend to forget it, but this time no, I didn’t, and the Universe seems to cooperate as today was a holiday in Barcelona.

So this postcard is to support our landing in the week, in our everyday life, where the magic of everyday things holds our hearts. Whatever we’ve been up to during this past weekend.

This postcard comes from where the peninsula “ends” before it becomes the solid body of the European continent: from Cap de Creus.


Welcome, autumn equinox! <3


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