Postcards #43 from the Masters

Should we have a dog, I am sure we’d have a dog-master to teach us about the life, the universe, and everything. 

But we have cats, and they are quite fine masters to teach about the secret of 42 (click here if you haven’t read yesterday’s postcard). 

Here they are, it’s cat day again because I’m working at home, or in our office (which is not very far from our home) so I didn’t have anything to make a photo of. I hope you don’t mind. I definitely don’t, because they are such beautiful creatures (in spirit) that I feel really grateful to share my life – our life – with them.


Recently I see many Masters around me, eyes that see me from outside, and try to mirror me or lead or guide or react. My partner, his son, my friends, my clients, people of the street, of the market… And I feel grateful for them all. 

But when an otherwise a little nervous and mimosa (but highly social) cat comes into the bed to “read” with an 8-year-old child and with me, because the child deeply desires it, and allows to put himself below the blanket to hide himself and sticks his head out, allowing the child to brush his head, is the teaching of the day. Of patience and kindness (previously unknown sides of the cat). 

So yes, these are my Cat-Masters, the Cat-Masters who are so different in their teaching as different their fur is. 

Gratitude for the small things. I love this so much! Thank you. 



P.S: today two big boxes of books arrived! My book in Spanish is being born <3 and also, we keep advancing – for 43 days!! – with our daily Catalan class. I’m advancing but there is still much I need to study (and yes, hello subjonctif, after French and Spanish I am not so afraid of you anymore). So yes, there are even more things to feel grateful for. <3

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