Postcards 48# from the thorns

It’s not that it needs a reason or an explication why I like chestnuts. It’s because I’m back in the city, and there are very few chestnut trees in Barcelona, you can imagine, so I miss them.

There’s some distant identification because of the thorny shell that protects that beautiful shiny-brown, usually a little humid and cool seed.

Because I also have a lot of thorns (somehow, even if it isn’t visible), but I like to think that beyond the imperfections I also contain something this beautiful and fresh and vivid.

Let’s hope for this today. Some days it’s easier to see your inner shiny chestnut, other days you feel more your thorny skin. That’s life.


We were not able to accomplish with the Catalan classes on the weekend: I was on my third TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises) and had a very little mind to deal with such things as practicing trembling in the ways you do on a training fatigues your mind off from your head. Which is great for the body and all the rest of your system, including the mind, because it can relax – though with that becomes completely useless to study.

I love the technique, it’s such a wonderful liberation to the body – and through the body, to all our system. There are 2 supervision modules left and to practice. That’s what I am up to.

Anyways, we were good boys and girls and made 46 classes in a row, and we did recover it today! Though I doubt that would talk much in Catalan in two days in the Catalan radio. Let’s see…

Be chestnuts my dears, there’s nothing wrong with having thorns, though sometimes we can hurt ourselves too. The thorny skin will fall off eventually, and there is no seed that can stay protected forever if it wants to sprout.


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Anna Sólyom

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