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Postcards #55 from the market

Do you like markets? Do you like autumn?

You can give it a try when you pass by a market next time: the goods are so different from what you can see during the summer or any other seasons. I love autumn’s colours. Which one would you try?


My mom flew back home today, and yesterday I was so tired that I couldn’t do anything just “put myself in the envelope” as the Spanish say (ir al sobre).

It was raining today and I forgot the clothes outside (not only the freshly hanged clothes but the already collected, dry package too). But got the car repaired.

It’s all back to “normal” though nothing is normal, something is sparking in the deep. It’s sparking change. I need mountains and forests, which we’ll have this weekend going to Vallderobles doing Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) and book signing (each their own, of course). Sounds fun. And sounds a loooong way to drive :).


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