Postcards #62 from the mirrors

It is said in various spiritual heritages, that we hardly see the reality because we’re dependent on what the mirror shows us.

On a metaphysical way, everything that surrounds us is some sort of mirror, showing us all those things we don’t want to face in our inner world.

But what to do, when you do face it, and you still get caught by the preoccupation of how the future will be, depression of past things, and strong emotions that suck your strength?

Nothing helps, except the recognition of how impossible it is to have any influence whatsoever on basic things, like life and death. Things are as they are, and whatever is, is a gift. Surrender is the only possible answer. In the end, it can be quite comforting to rest in this suspension of personal responsibility or control, once the sense of impotence is let go as well.

Mirror, mirror, tell us the future… But there’s nothing in there, only what is now. So this is the call today, to stay with whatever is, to stay in the present, and stop rushing away  into the future (which is not yettherefore it’s impossible to know what will be), or mourn the past (because that’s what was and it’s done, finished, nothing can be done of it).



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Anna Sólyom

Certified TRE® Provider, Biodynamic craniosacral therpaist, PSYCH-K® advanced facilitator. Writer. Dancer. Body consciousness. Mindfulness practices and meditations. Reconnect with your wellbeing.

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