Postcards #66 from Ganesha

We walked out from a Café and turned to a hidden passway that connects two streets. Then he was there, looking up from the ground, and it was an unexpected gift, a message from the Unknown Universe, from the gods.

Ganesha, or Ganapati, son of Shiva and Parvati, is a very important figure in Hinduism: he’s known as the remover of obstacles. At least, this is what I remembered! But he also can put obstacles in our ways, depending on what we need for our long-term development.

Some parts of my life presently are hanged in the unknown and it’s a great challenge not to feel attached or expect an outcome, or to desire, or to dream, or to want anything… It’s the deepest mindfulness or zen exercise if you like, meaning the intention and momentary action of staying in the present moment. And again. And again. There’s no escape.

That’s the deepest surrender I know of, giving yourself to every moment as it is, with what is, and with what you feel.

And I wonder how much of us know that the bodily sensations of fear are quite interchangeable with excitement… Maybe even this is an inner choice of interpretation. I prefer excitement. With a slight dressing of fear.

Then comes Ganesha, and the first thing that came to my mind was that hey, that’s amazing, His nature is to remove obstacles. And bless the new beginnings. And then it’s again letting go, letting him fall back from where he came.

So I left the drawing where I found it. Bowed. And took this image and this sense of “being taken care of” with me. It might disappear. It might not matter at all. It might be just as I feel. What stays is a breath that leaves and comes back.


honoring ganapati mantra

“Shining like so many suns, you great one with a broken tusk, we implore you, remove all obstacles; remain with us in all we do, always!

Great one who has one tooth, a round belly, and visage of an elephant, destroyer of obstacles that remain in our way, we bow down in devotion to you.

Flowers of beautiful fragrance are all offered to you, flowers that come from the devoted centers of our hearts to give you worship, Oh! please receive them.”



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