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Postcards #74 from the book-fairy

Winter came in just one day, practically. The temperature from 20something ºC dropped to 13ºC during the day and 9ºC during the night.

For most of you, my Northern Hemispheric friends, this might sound as autumn or spring. And yes, it is, but here we hardly have any “adequate” heating… anyways. It’s cold. It’s about 18-19 degrees at home. (It can drop to 15-14 degrees by the end of winter).

The art of dressing up warmly is a real contest and in my days warm usually wins over sexy.

What about you?

Still it’s a prefect season to find new and engaging books to read, and find new book-heavens to merge into and… you know. My aunt from Inverness always says that she’s not taking her purse in a bookshop because she’d leave all her money there.

This is a charity bookshop in Gràcia, where you can buy books for just a few euros, if you don’t have more to spend. And I love how it looks from outside. I’m sure all of us would find something to read there.

But if I can recommend, and you like sci-fi, get hooked up by The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

IMG_8111 2.jpg


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