Postcards #83 from love

Why is it so hard to be who we are?

Maybe we don’t know… maybe there are so many layers covering us up that we lost our way to see, to listen, to express.

Hiding behind fear, preoccupation, false reasoning…

What if you can live the life you dreamt about…? Would you let to be taken care of and drifted by the streams?

In the heart-mirrors of friends we can renew and grow and reach out. In the presence of love we’re naked inside, gathering our most secret views and thoughts to share and ground it in another heart.

May we all have friends who can listen to our heart and to themselves as well. May we be this friend to someone.

Like this cat, holding the heart steadily with one hand (a paw). We hold each other in the eternal sun of love.

Shine, shine little one, dare to be visible! You need to beat your rhythm.


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