Postcards #87 from the shadow

What do you do when you’re disappointed…? When you feel that everything is too much?

Too much of that invisible weight and inner stretching and forcing creates more stress than the actual stress or disappointment itself. I wish everything could be easily shaken off. Expectations sometimes are the worst enemies one can have, especially, if we are the one pushing ourselves.
We tend to have less kindness, less compassion toward ourselves than for the others. So I guess when frustration or disappointment is on the show, the best – and the most challenging – thing is to be as loving and kind with ourselves, as possible. And I mean it. Even more than we believe that it’s possible.

Some things need more time to process, to integrate; for example to accept our own imperfection every day can be a great challenge and reminder, and the road to make peace with our shadow(s) can be quite a rocky one. So ROCK n’ ROLL. Do whatever you’d like: but do it with kindness, with compassion, with love and caring toward yourself. Let it in.

And whatever it might be, it’s still all right. It’s just you: your chaotic, freaked out, posing, frustrated, monstrous parts. All are part of you.  It’s fun! And all is part of the light, like the dark side of the moon.

misterios amb el Sebastià


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Anna Sólyom

Certified TRE® Provider, Biodynamic craniosacral therpaist, PSYCH-K® advanced facilitator. Writer. Dancer. Body consciousness. Mindfulness practices and meditations. Reconnect with your wellbeing.

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