Postcards #88 a mouss-card

This was my resting place today: a lunch at a half-sunny terrace in a sweet-mild day.

And this lemon mousse was incredibly good.

Trying to get organized here. (No chance for meaningful or awesome photos, sorry, I hardly leave my street.) But I’m missing, missing, MISSING the forests and the mountains. Let’s finish this super busy two weeks and get lost in the mountains. Please.

I’d take it without lemon mousse too.

The postcards will end soon, with the 100th. Then I will think of something else. The Catalan classes are now posed for a travel, but I started to do my memorizing and conjugating classes, as no one can put it in my head… and only a limited part of it sticks without heartfelt efforts. So THAT challenge shall go on at least to the 1 of December.

Happy mouss-card loves,


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