Postcards #100 from the heart

It’s been more than 100 days that I started the 100-days postcards challenge, along with my “learn Catalan in 100 days” challenge.

I’m still getting the Catalan part accomplished as we had a very busy November and many days we couldn’t find time to have class and extra time for me to study. So we dropped it for about two weeks, and we’re back on the track since yesterday.

However, the Postcards’ challenge does close today: I enjoyed a lot sharing with you these wonderful photos. I am not “that” digital to prodcue so many contents, so it will feel liberating letting go the every-day-posting (though it was every second day for the last 5 postcards or so) pressure.

This autumn I recognised a part of myself (you all have it too I am sure): the one who likes and does accomplish things. It’s such a relief to finish something that you started! That’s a good reason to think about any challenge, I guess. And also, if we’d like to plant some new habits, that’s the best way to get acquinted with it.

It’s been a long and sometimes quite difficult year, and I need some rest. I will come up with something new soon, and will keep occasinal postcards, because, why not?! 🙂

Thank you for your company, we’ll meet soon. It’s impossible not to write.

As the last postcrad (for the time being), I leave you this beauty from Sunday morning, when I stayed at a friend’s house in the Montseny region.



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