Postcards #104 from Budapest

We’re here in Budapest to spend a few days with my family and friends.

Yesterday we went to an alternative pop-rock concert – and as it sometimes happens, we preferred the opening band called “jóvilágvan” (it’s a good world) than the main performer.
Kaukázus, a band I first heard sometimes around 2002 playing at someone’s flat, didn’t actually change at all, they are as bad as they were… they still can’t sing (I’m sorry dear fans of Kaukázus! It’s just not for me).

Back in the time during my first few university years it was all about Colorstar, Thivery Corporation and similar bands. Sometimes also Kispál, then some friends’ bands and so on. I don’t remember so well now…

Today we’ll go to Anima Sound System‘s show.

And yesterday at the A38‘s toilet I found this treasure.

How would you solve the this problem? Would you try astral projection or you’d try to find a new job?




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