The Lobas Circle

Have you ever felt lost?
Without your pack, without connections?

The Loba (female wolf in Spanish) invokes the Wolf Spirit: intelligence, intuition, protection, and self-healing. Lobas Circle is about connection. To share and to experience. To become strong, confident, and centered in yourself. To inspire and to be inspired. To unlearn. And to relearn how to listen, how to touch and how to howl together the song of our heart. 

With a good friend of mine Judit, who is also a biodynamic craneosacral therapist like myself, we launch a new project dedicated for women in Barcelona. This project is in English primarly, however, hablamos castellano. Si no entiendes el inglés y quieres participar, escríbenos.

Come, join us, and learn about your cycles, learn how to befriend your body, how to increase self-love and stop negative self-talk. We are women. We are lobas. We are your Wolf-pack in Barcelona.

We’ll meet up once in a month beginning on the 16th of October. Are you in?

Published by

Anna Sólyom

Certified TRE® Provider, Biodynamic craniosacral therpaist, PSYCH-K® advanced facilitator. Writer. Dancer. Body consciousness. Mindfulness practices and meditations. Reconnect with your wellbeing.

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