Postcards #10 from the Abyss

Some mysteries stay unresolved, no matter what. That’s where our mind kicks in, offering us plausible theories to disentangle our frustration of not knowing. Because we like to know (it’s like being in control, isn’t it?)

A couple of days ago, still in Mallorca, after having had the last bath of the day, we observed two youngsters from our sunny spot high on the rocks above the beach. The boys decided to clean a hexagon-shaped inflatable mattress, then they rather went for the last bath. With some waves. The floating thing looked like a huge donut… and they were incapable to sit on it, no matter what.

We kept on talking and enjoying ourselves getting dried by the very last sunbeams and a couple of minutes later we realized that the boys were nowhere to be seen, and the floating donut was rocking back and forth on the waves at the edge of the water and sand.


A family later pitied the sad donut and pulled it out form the water. And this was the moment when we realized that the boys were gone, and we hadn’t seen them leave.

They certainly did leave and did not end up in the abyss of the sea.

I feel in an abyss of tiredness today with a throbbing head. It was really challenging to have tonight our tenth Catalan class in a row. With lots of new words. I will definitely need a good repassing time tomorrow as I am not sure how much of the new information could actually make its way into my long-term memory.

I have to admit that being back more or less to my normal rhythm – and working many hours from home – makes quite demanding to find a good postcard for each day. And when you run around the city (with already an incredible tiredness, as I did all day long, it’s surely for the coming full moon!) photos and their setup are not what you’d usually have on your mind, but your to-do list. Nonetheless, I’m determined to keep up with the postcards as well, as I need this little act to accompany my Catalan classes.

May the abyss of unresolved mysteries let us rest well today and bring us new conspiracy theories tomorrow. And may we be ripe enough not to believe everything we think. Amen.

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