The inner sanctuary | El santuario interior

About fifteen years ago, a young British woman with a science degree began an illustration course that filled her with purpose. Throughout her work, she became aware of how her creativity flowed and changed. Being a freelance illustrator, however, put a lot of pressure on her with meeting deadlines.

Miranda Gray, the lady I speak of, after observing herself for a couple of months, discovered that she had two different styles of working: one with more detail and precision -the one her editors wanted to receive-, and a freer and more expressive style that was not that well accepted. She also realized that her style of creativity was conditioned by her menstrual cycle: she was unable to make detailed and accurate illustrations on some days of it.

And not only this: depending on the phase she was in, it was easier or more difficult for her to relate to people, and her confidence and self-esteem varied, as well as her level of concentration.

After reading the book The Wise Wound by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove, Miranda managed to “recognize the cyclical patterns in my physical energy, emotional strength and sensitivity, in my process of thought and concentration, my sensuality and sexual energy, creativity and spirituality“.

By understanding her cyclical nature, she saw that her experiences and the archetypes within her cycles were common to many other women. She learned, therefore, that there is an ancient tradition of menstrual wisdom… and that every female body is a living testimony of it.

I began to incorporate Miranda’s teachings into my life around 2015 and discovered how ignored and forgotten our inner sanctuary is. The space of our womb contains energy patterns and history. Even untold stories of our ancestors live in it, and affect our present life. Many times without knowing it, we carry an invisible weight of pain and shame.

The good news is that everyone has the power to let go and transform these burdens.

I trained with Miranda Gray as Moon Mother®, in the summer of 2019, as I wanted include her healing practices in my own therapeutic work. It is through this work that I understood how deep our roots run into Mother Earth and how strong our connection is with the Moon.

There are fantastic meditations that take us “up” towards the heavens. But also descending, connecting with the sacred space of the womb and, through it, connecting with the Earth and the Moon, gifts us with a deep healing and liberation.

The Womb Healing technique reconnects us with our energy center and with the internal archetypes. It thus helps us to heal and leave behind painful patterns, difficult experiences and everything that no longer serves us. It gives us strength and balance to change and transform, by making peace with ourselves.

Practicing the Womb Blessing® reconnects us with the source of Sacred Feminine, which guides and empowers us. You don’t need to have a womb or menstruate to receive these blessings – your body knows how to heal itself and (re)connect with the Sacred Feminine that lives in you.

If you are interested in Miranda’s work, you can visit her website and you are invited to participate in the Worldwide Womb Blessing® with her and with the Moon Mothers®. There is also a gift for men interested in the Awakening of Feminine Energy. You can read more about this beautiful technique also on my website.

Today, on the 2nd of September, there is a full moon in Pisces, and I offer to lead a meditation circle tonight. Let me know if you want to participate, sending a comment or an email.

Have a beautiful full Moon and a magical week,


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