Before the body says no | Antes de que el cuerpo diga no

The body is slow. And, as Dr. David Berceli says, “We heal in the rhythm of the body, and not in the rhythm of the ego”. <> El cuerpo es lento. Y, como dice el Dr. David Berceli, “Nos sanamos al ritmo del cuerpo, y no al ritmo del ego”.

Bloom | Florece

Silence is loud when you first find yourself in it. It fills your senses and wraps its soft blanket around you. It is also this silence that allows you to discover the tune of your essence. We all have a tune hidden deep inside like the seeds of a flower. I believe that we all … Continue reading Bloom | Florece

Cycles: The Seventh Gate | Ciclos: La séptima puerta

I’m circling back and looking forward at the same time: as 2023 welcomes us all, I’m at the gate of closing my 6th 7-year cycle. | Estoy dando vueltas y mirando hacia adelante al mismo tiempo: mientras el 2023 nos da la bienvenida a todos, estoy a punto de cerrar mi sexto ciclo de 7 años.