Sweat and gloria | Sudor y gloria

It was a cloudy day when someone grabbed my neck with from behind… | Era un día nublado cuando alguien me agarró por el cuello desde atrás…

The inner sanctuary | El santuario interior

The space of our womb contains energy patterns and history. | El espacio de nuestro útero contiene patrones de energía e historia.

Roots and wings | Raices y alas

Paris, Shakespeare and Co. and Nnedi Okorafor. Roots and wings.
Raices y alas.

Come as you are | Ven tal como eres

The photo you see in the heading of this post was made on our last trip to New York, when we’ve been living happily ever after in a world that soon would be invaded by the global pandemia of COVID-19. Last November now feels as if it was several lifetimes ago. I took this a … Continue reading Come as you are | Ven tal como eres